The Playmates Tricorder VII

Today was the only time I was free to go anywhere. We did not go anywhere else because my Wife sprained her right ankle yesterday while rushing to Kaelynn who was crying. I drove her to UM (University Hospital) for treatment after dinner (and we got back at 0100 in the morning!!!) But today, her leg was already better.

So, for the rest of the Saturday afternoon, I was in Pasar Road buying more components for the Tricorder, mainly the reed switch. And they're not cheap either at RM6.50 for a glass tube with two pieces of metal inside it. Not to mention, its fragile. I bought two, found one more at home and in the early hours of the morning, I broke two. Dammit. (Should have gone to sleep)

Also, I learnt the hard way that hot melt glues have very high temperature and it is not advisable to touch it until is has cooled off.

I bought a lot more components as I was also thinking
about making another Tricorder, which was of my own
design. Its amazing how your brain goes into high gear
when there is a deadline. But I don't think I will do the
custom Tricorder for the November 4th Bazaar
(OK, so I left the damn thing at the office and kept forgetting
to bring it back)

Yeap, blister on me finger due to the hot-melt glue

Kristine's first Tricycle

My parents got her a Tricycle and she was overjoyed with it
Eventhough she does not know how to ride one, her legs were
long enough to paddle about.
We wanted to get her an actual bicycle but my parents beat us to it with a Tricycle
I am a bit wary because of its three wheels compared to one bicycle with training
wheels, the Tricycle is easy to topple when cornering

And wherever she goes, Winne goes with her
Even when going through my toes