How to get more Vitagen

First, you give one Vitagen each.
Before you know it, Kristine finishes hers first.

So, she decided that both of them should share
the remaining Vitagen which is Kaelynn's

And she poured at the ratio of 80:20

Until I intervened to make sure the ratio is 50:50

Being corny

You don't have to close your eyes to eat corn
but it helps.

You have . . . . . 30 over drafts

Yeah, I just accidentally clicked on the drafts segment and then I realised I have a lot of drafts to either delete or post them, with the earliest ones since 2005. What I usually do is to take the photos, then upload them and save them as drafts until I have time to put some words in.

But usually, because of my busy schedules when Kristine and Kaelynn was born and now my work, I would eventually forget about the drafts. With new posts coming in, they would push all these drafts back and forgotten.

So, anyway, I have started on a few and put them back where they belong in those thousand over posts. And if you have the time, you can go a find them and read them. Hee hee hee hee. OK, OK, I'll just put the key words like [This was a Draft] or something.

Lazy fucker

Sometimes, this fella is so lazy, he does not want to
terminate to the patch panel rack below. OK, OK,
if he does that, he would have to purchase a new
panel. A Phone cable comes in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 50, 100
pairs. A patch panel comes in 24 ports. In this case,
there are some extra one or two pairs from the phone
but to put them onto the panel catered for 24 is very
expensive. But it has to be done.

Mini LED projection clock

OK, OK, I admit I am getting a bit addicted to the DIY shop behind our office. I mean, they have so much electronic stuff from China and with the ridiculous prices, it was hard not to buy anything. Yeah, this is the thing that interested me.

Projection clock. It would be fun to have it at night when I needed to tell the time. OK, OK. So that was a bad excuse since I already have a watch.

For RM3.00, what I got was actually a red LED torch
with a LCD screen in there.

The moment you press the button, the red LED will
shine on the LCD screen and then the Lens will
magnify the image. To get a bigger display of the clock
image, you have to move the torch further back from
the wall. Unfortunately since the red LED is not that
bright, the further you go, the dimmer it gets.

Chinese Big Pau

After all the hoo-haa about the biodegradable Paus in China, would anyone ever dared to eat them again? Heck, yeah. I would. (But I have to check the contents first.) Still, after reading that story, it seemed so plausible. In Malaysia, there are two types of Paus on sale here.

The first one is where actual chicken meat and an egg stuffed are inside. And the second one is where everything is minced and then stuffed inside sans egg. The latter has been cropping up almost everywhere I bought them from.

Speaking about Paus, in the old times, my Dad related to me how customers tried to cheat the restaurant owners. When they order a big pau, the customer would then make a hole at the bottom and then eat the whole contents in the pau. Then, they would call the waiter over and say, that they do not want the pau anymore and the waiter would then take it back. Once they discover the ruse, the customer would have gone. Believable? Unless the dumb waiter does not know the difference (in weight) between a full pau and an empty one.

Nope, no paper mulch in this one