Mini LED projection clock

OK, OK, I admit I am getting a bit addicted to the DIY shop behind our office. I mean, they have so much electronic stuff from China and with the ridiculous prices, it was hard not to buy anything. Yeah, this is the thing that interested me.

Projection clock. It would be fun to have it at night when I needed to tell the time. OK, OK. So that was a bad excuse since I already have a watch.

For RM3.00, what I got was actually a red LED torch
with a LCD screen in there.

The moment you press the button, the red LED will
shine on the LCD screen and then the Lens will
magnify the image. To get a bigger display of the clock
image, you have to move the torch further back from
the wall. Unfortunately since the red LED is not that
bright, the further you go, the dimmer it gets.

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