Lost in Dutamas

You know, ah. That place hor, there, dat one in Jalan Dutamas one? Yeah in front got those explensive houses wun? Haiyo, the one with spesial traffic lights and guarhouse one la! Now you know, right?

OK, OK. So, I went there today la. First time I go in, got no sign say parking and I make one big round. Go out, turn at traffic light and come in again. Cheh. After finding parking, wah lao, the customer, he go and stay in front block. And me? Haiyo. I parked in far far away block la.

No problem wun, I say. The, I climb up, is not gorund gloor. I go down, the lift dun stop here, stop there. When exit, haih. Pening la I tell you. One block walk to none block, all blocked. Yeah, these stupid contractors all work, work, work, block everything. to go next block, you know what I do, ah? I have to go down to bassement duuno wat floor, walk, then go up again. I tell you, ah, just wasted 30 minutes walking straightline.

Got exskalator, but do nothing wun. How to
go, I ask you?

The Cendol Jelly thingy....

Someone made this and I am not sure who, but I know my Wife had a hand in it. (I would too, if it had not set when I came home....) Its those jellies which has cendol in it. So, we waited for it to set.

And waited...

And waited...

And waited...

Then Mommy got Kaelynn to help cut them into
small pieces. Unfortunately, since Kaelynn was
still too young to learn about geometries....

Yeah, so its now a deformed/multilated jelly cendol thingy

But wowzers! It tastes great! Its fine as it is
although my Mom commented it should be
a lot sweeter. I do not agree because if its
too sweet, it would be all gone before I can
get any for myself.....

And it was my turn to put them into plastic
cases, which I gladly did, like a bull with a

No light.

I come home. Everyone said no light.
I said got light la, everyone said no light.

So, where is got no light? everyone said kitchen, la, no light
So, I see, see, sure no light. Everyone "I told you so, no light"

So, I used some chairs and took out the tube, everyone said to use the ladder.
And I put in a new tube, everyone said use the ladder

So, must be the starter, everyone said its the starter
Borrowed a start from elsewhere, everyone said its the starter.

The new tube lights, everyone said use the ladder
Put back the old tube, everyone said, use the ladder

And it lights, so, must be the starter, everyone said, get a new one
And so, I have to get a new one, but everyone said, not now, come have dinner or else...

Have to get more of these for the house...

Victims of Termitesation

Well, i was in the vicinity and managed to get what I wanted. There was a lot of things to tell but I am not going to. Just the fact that I found bits of the Galactica, the Defiant shell, my old Viper MkI sans canopy, a boxful of termite infested gunk, a Special edition Voyager and the best surprise..... my student file when I was in Uni. This highlighted a special project between the Uni and a local school. And looking back at the cover, I wished I can make a model of the bike I drew.... yeah, man. Those were the days!

Now all I need is a 3D expert who can turn this into
a proper 3D model in 1/12 scale. I don't mind paying
for the service but 25sen per day is the limit...

Mr. VISA does the nasty

Well, well, well. What do you know? I got this from my Credit card Company just now and it seems that they want to increase my limit. They must have detected my 'enthusiasm' in reducing my debt for the past few months...

Well, on three day's time, I will know what the limit it.
Additional RM50.00 perhaps? Or RM5 Million....

[Update: 17032011]
Got the letter today. They doubled my credit limit. The amount is a shock to us. I think I better keep this card and lock it. If anyone abuse this card, I will be in Financial Hell for Eternity. Man, what a joke. Perhaps I should cancel this card after I settle the bill once and for all...