Lost in Dutamas

You know, ah. That place hor, there, dat one in Jalan Dutamas one? Yeah in front got those explensive houses wun? Haiyo, the one with spesial traffic lights and guarhouse one la! Now you know, right?

OK, OK. So, I went there today la. First time I go in, got no sign say parking and I make one big round. Go out, turn at traffic light and come in again. Cheh. After finding parking, wah lao, the customer, he go and stay in front block. And me? Haiyo. I parked in far far away block la.

No problem wun, I say. The, I climb up, is not gorund gloor. I go down, the lift dun stop here, stop there. When exit, haih. Pening la I tell you. One block walk to none block, all blocked. Yeah, these stupid contractors all work, work, work, block everything. to go next block, you know what I do, ah? I have to go down to bassement duuno wat floor, walk, then go up again. I tell you, ah, just wasted 30 minutes walking straightline.

Got exskalator, but do nothing wun. How to
go, I ask you?

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