Now I am in trouble

Now I am trouble. My friend has gotten me the Polar Lights 1/350 USS Enterprise 1701-A model. I had requested for two but it was not suposed to be in until next month.

So, we had to sell of one of mine and I have to come up with the money asap. Because if not, the importer will hold all the models until I pay up. Ha ha ha ha ha

Looking up friends

With some leisure time between appointments, I decided to drop by one on of my friends. He owns a shop dealing with ICE or, to the non-initiated, radio in the car. There were two things that suprised me:

1) He has taken over the other half lot next door, making it a full shoplot. And he has three new staffs. This means his business is picking up but not as fast as he wants.

2) One of my best friend/s has separated, with his wife taking the children. All documentation was done six months ago. This shows how out of touch I was due to my new job. I have yet to ask them since they're both my friends as well.

I think this is one of the few in Malaysia
Now I know who the criver is, must respect

I just love the funky rear lights

In front, it looks much more impressive than my Tamiya model I got in the 80's