Kristine and Mommy's glasses

Today, Kristine found Mommy's glasses and decided to have some fun with this "forbidden" item.....

She looks cute when she put the glasses on top of her head

And then, in her own way, she decided to model for the glasses

And oh, she even looked much cuter when she wore these
baby cap and socks which we found, was meant for
Kaelynn months ago.

OK, she's running away because Mommy is angry

The battery

We just had to replace the customer's DECT Phone today because it does not work anymore. I had a hunch that either their charger is not working or that their rechargeable batteries are dead. Anyhow, I guess that they have thrown the rechargeable batteries away and then replaced it with normal batteries. And when they plugged the phone back to the charger, the charger tries to charge it and it made the batteries worse. And they even mixed the alkaline batteries with other brands. Luckily it did not explode or something.

Guess what the new DECT phone's batteries were from?
China. Yes. China. "Made in China" label nowadays does
not mean cheap but more of like beware.

They used it so much that the surface is so bad and
also, even the rubber cover on the side is close to
disintegrating since it soaked up so much of the
sweat from the user's hands. Yucks