2000AD Action Figures

Heh. I just finished taking the last picture of some action figures I borrowed from my friend. (I still have to take more, such as side profiles, etc). I have my own 2000AD action figures but they're packed somewhere and unopened as well.

The three figures were popular characters from the British comic called 2000AD. I started reading them in the mid-80's until the 90's when the price of the comic went up ridiculously. Anyway, these figures were designed to closely follow the art from the comics (except Anderson) and was created by the now defunct Re-Action company. The other character I loved was the Rogue Trooper .

Judge Dredd
Joe Dredd (ol' Stoney Face) is MegaCity-1's top Law Enforcer and who is also a clone of Chief Judge Fargo. In the future where most cities were ravaged by Nuclear wars and the collapse of Law & Order, the Judges were created to dispense instant Justice. With his Lawgiver that fires 6 types of bullets (Ricochet, Incendiary, Heatseeker, Armour-Piercing, Hi-Ex and General Execution), Judge Dredd is the Law.

P.S. Whatever you saw in the movie, esp where Stallones removes the helmet, is blasphemy to 2000AD fans as Dredd never show his full face.

Read all the 2000AD comics and you will either love or hate him. And do not tie Sylvester Stallone with Judge Dredd. He was created based on Clint Eastwood. The toy show him with his MkII Lawgiver

Psi-Judge Anderson
Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson has unique psychic abilities which allows her to read minds, even those of who just died. And she also has psychic flashes which warns her of danger and also of future events. Her main enemies are the Dark Judges (Death, Fear, Moris and Fire)

I had problems photographing her while lying on the floor.
She looked more like Saavik the Vulcan (Robin Curtis) from Star Trek in The Search for Spock
The toy show her with the standard issue MkI Lawgiver

Johhny Alpha (Strontium Dog)
The fallout of Strontium 90 caused a lot of mutated babies on Earth. Mutants are recognised as worse than second class and they have no other jobs other than being bounty hunters. Although they are called Search/Destroy Agents, they are more familiarly known as Strontium Dogs. Johnny Alpha is one of them. With his mutant piercing Alpha Eyes, he can see through walls and tell if a person is lying or not. Johnny's weapon of choice is his
Westinghouse variable-cartridge blaster, electronux and time bombs.

You know, I always liked the way he holsters his weapons, both front and back. I wonder how he can sit....
My favourite story was "The Killing" or something like that. Its an annual alien event where participants register themselves to kill each other on the planet. The rules are simple; use your permitted weapons of choice and kill. Johnny Alpha and Wulf attended because most of the participants were wanted criminals

Durians for Dinner II

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks to my Sister-in-Law, we got a few more durians. This time, I wonder how I can cope with them in the rice (again) and mixed with Bak Kut Teh.

Yeah, I could die of involuntary nosebleeding. Must get Dr. Liew's emergency number....

A plastic bag full of goodies. There goes my Gout

My apologies to you all.....

My wife has gotten me a very soft pillow (she broke mine a few months ago) and I slept peacefully for nearly 12 hours straight today.

So, I must apologise for unintentionally appearing in your dreams and spoiling your mood this morning.

Ok, just two more of this and its done