Making a footprint

Once again, Kaelynn is here to show us how to make a footprint. And its all very easy.

First, you need a foot. Then some paper and
most importantly, a pencil. Start by putting
the foot on the paper and using the pencil,
draw around the foot.....

Don't worry if you cannot complete the foot.
Just use your own imagination. But horns or
long toenails are not adviseable.

There you go. Luckily I did not show her how to
make footprints using paint.....

Feels like I am next....

This is the second Funeral I've gone to and throughout
the whole night, I could not sleep because it felt like as
if my Life is starting to be over and there is still so much
to do. Yeah, I want to live forever, and still have every
one I love around me. Damn. Its so sad.

Sometimes I feel like I need to go out in a blaze of glory.
Kill a few million and rape everyone I see.........