Here we go again......

Yes, its less than two days and the tank is
full of fishie food. And also, their by-products
Guess who has to clean it all up again?

My Bengmobile fat-mou, ah!

I have a serious problem regarding transportation here. Pretty soon, I will need to get the Bengmobile out and so, I need to prep it. I mean, just re-charge the battery and worry about some rusts. How hard can it get, right?

But I was not prepared with the sight presented to me. The whole interior of the car is full of fungus! And, actually, I am now at a loss as to how to get rid of it. Yeah, its my fault for forgetting to drive it at least once a month for the last few months.

When I opened the door.......... OMG!
And the stench is dampness! Fungus!

A closer look at all the fungi (fun guys) having a party

Even the doors are not spared.

And neither is the steering wheel

Now I am more worried about the (non-functioning)
air-con and this CD Player. The whole car is infected!

And I can't wind down the windows because. . . . .

Tujuh ringgit, Bang.

I am not feeling so happy today. The Sun seems to be very hot in Seremban and I was sweating all over, even when I was in the air-con room. And to make matters worse, the oat breakfast I had this morning wore out. While I was sweating at the top of a ladder, the grumblings on my stomach made it impossible to concentrate on my work. Twice I wired the cables wrongly and I even had to actually stop and think about a simple re-wiring.

Damn! Screw the late salary! I drove out to the nearest stall to get some food.

For RM7.00, I got the guy to refill my water
tumbler with cold Lime juice and his Grandma
to surrender all the nice deep fried nuggets,
chips and lekor I could stuff in a bag OK, so I
used some money today which I should not
have, had I tried to control my hunger more.

Being to technical

"... and so, this doohickey joins that thingamajic and..."
"Oohhh...... its all so technical, I'm going to faint."
"You want me to slap you silly?"
"Excuse me?"
"I said, this is the CCTV"

OK, that was imagined but throughout the years practice, I have now perfected the art of boring someone to the point of drowziness with technical jargons. You can see how their eyes glazed and the stifled yawn. Now, I need to practise more to make them do my bidding........

"These aren't the droids we're looking for....."