Half-Day Leave

Under the very strict orders of the Home Minister, I had to take a half day leave today. There is nothing else I can do but to follow orders and also console my crying technicians who were kneeling before me not to take leave. (Ha ha ha ha)

Anyhow, there were something we need to do and it is something we cannot get away with anymore. And so, once the deed is done, all we have to do now, is to wait and see how we can commit ourselves.

As usual, Kristine and Kaelynn were happy to be at that place
because there were a lot of balloons. And because Christmas is
coming, they get to choose their presents

We also got Kristine her very own school bag

While Kaelynn got her very own doll. I am not sure
if she likes it or not, but in a few day's time I'll know
However, her blanket means the World to her