The problem with Kaelynn

Tonight was a bit odd for her as she slept through the whole evening. Not only that, she fell down and cut her lip, which makes her feeling a bit under the weather. Lately, we have problems coaxing her to eat her meals and it usually ends up with us scolding her or reprimanding her. Yeah, she is getting very naughty compared to Kristine and stubborn too. If she made a mistake, she won't admit it but rather, try to get her elder sister to "kau-tim" it for her so she won't have to "lose face" ot whatever it was that kids think.

Kaelynn found Mommy's lost "Star" stamp
and now, she is showing us how to count.

Finally, we got her to eat but not without using Mommy's
phone to distract her with all the videos we took of them

Finesse in Art

I have to teach Kristine not to use so much force when she is either
writing or colouring. Not only would this make her hand tired but it
could disfigure her fngers in the long run since she is in the very
delicate "moulding"stage. I have to show her how to colour a picture
in proper strokes. The way she coloured the lips and ears looked as if
it was a botchedBotox job and a second-degree burn victim.

Eating AlanTam's final meat

Mum was prudent enough to store the last packet of bak gua
in the freezer. And so, almost six weeks later, this is the last
packet of bak gua for the year. Well, I suppose I could go out
and buy more but it won't be the same.