The Lesson of Hotness

Yes, I know, there is no such thing as 'hotness' but it was more or less, to me, fit this post. Kaelynn has started to try eating spicy or hot stuff. Maybe its because she saw us enjoying the chili sauce or the curries. Or maybe, she was just starting to like them (yeah!)

Anyhow, tonight was her second attempt in trying to eat hot stuff. It all started during dinner where there was a packet of curry mee. Since I neglected to tell everyone that my mouth ulcer's gone, I get to eat porridge every night (yum yum) and so, when I spotted the packet, I heated up the curry so that I could mix it into my porridge. As Kaelynn was having her dinner, I asked if she wanted some of the curry mee, which is actually mee hoon.....

And so, I get my curried porridge

While Kaelynn gets her curry mee hoon.
She is learning how to use a chopstick too.

Yum yum! She knows its hot but still, she

Yep, she likes them curry mee hoon!
Note the wet nostrils........

Delicious, right?

All if a sudden, she grabs her water tumbler

And after almost finishing the whole bottle.....
Man, this girl got guts.

Pelaga no more

Not sure why it closed. When I was there, the telling signs were all over the place. Handful of customers, easy-going staff, no sign of management, etc. Not sure how happening it was at night but then again, most of the shops in these blocks were not doing that well either.

As I was passing by this area, I saw that
the Pelaga Park Kafe is no more. I used
to go to this place a lot in my previous
job as the customer was nearby. Loved
the dishes served there. Expensive but
to me, it was worth it.