Growing up yet?

Instead of giving her milk in baby bottles, I made
Kristine's Milo and poured it into a cup. I told her
that its time she used a cup as she is growing up.

Later on, she kept using the bottle. I must try again. Soon.

Hairy experience

The moment they let their hair down,
you can be assured of a hairy situation
to the point of asking, "Why?


Sometimes, with so many things going on with them,
its a bit of a problem as there are things which needs
to be attended to but forgot. Luckily Kaelynn does
not scratch. Much. (3mm nails, man)

What's in the cupboard?

We have finished laying the cables from 28th to 34th floor and now, it was up to the customer to complete the finishing touches before we can continue. In other words, we are waiting for them to install the cupboard for which the wires and other cables can be terminated. We waited for days until my last call to them which they say they were waiting for the carpenter to make the access holes....

And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the curpboard.
We missed it at first because it looked like a normal
office cupboard. It was not until the customer told us
to take another look when we went back to 28th floor.

Yeah, this cupboard was sitting there for
days, waiting for access holes to be drilled
In the end, there is it, job done. Bye-bye.