Bathtime for Kaelynn and Kristine

So, this is how its going to be. Each babies take their turn for baths. Both of them are not old enough to take baths together (to save water). It all started when Kaelynn soiled her nappies with some nice biological waste...

Soon after, it was time for Kaelynn to take her bath

Which, after that was big sister Kristine's turn

Remember this smile. It is a smile of many mischiefs
to come

While Kristine was playing with the Bubbles, I decided to
pop out to take her towel

And seconds later, this little girl came running
into the room

And upon seeing the towel (which means end of bath session)
she ran back to the bathroom

Sunday Morning in the Bed

It is Sunday morning and I realised I had missed Spongebob Squarepants by 40 minutes. After a nice stint at the toilet, Kristine woke up. So I carried her over to the bed where I was surfing wirelessly (thanks to some neighbour).

Still not fully awake yet, Kristine held on to Bear-bear
while she tried to catch some flies and mosquitoes

Then she got bored while I was surfing

Now she is bored. Mayhem coming up next

But suddenly, she decided to play with bear-bear instead