Star Wars Episode III

So, I made my Lightsaber, put on my last minute so-called costume and braved myself to be with the crowd. And its 10AM in the morning too. Anyway, there were a lot of fans there, each brandishing their Lightsabers and showing their costumes.

The whole event was jointly organised by CinemaOnline and UltimateToys while BurgerKing will be sponsoring for a Treasure Hunt this coming June 5th. Members from MyScifiFans were there, and they have been helping promoting Star Wars at various venues such as MPH, RHB shows and even All Stars Sport Cafe in 1-Utama. Some even took leave came as far as Sabah for this "Once in a Lifetime" event.

Although (not suprisingly) there were a lot of "complains" about the movie from the way Mace Windu screamed to wooden actors, bear in mind, its George Lucas's Star Wars. This is his World and we're priviledged to get a glimpse of it. And usually, there are some anal pricks who complains just to show off their superior taste and intellect. (except if you're complaining about Ewoks and Jar-Jar Binks, then I'm with you). I have seen some so called reviews which most of the problems starts when they're being compared to the real World here. Hello, this is real-life Earth and its quite different from the Far Away Galaxy Fantasy Naboo.

So, shut up, shove your small brain up your ass (you stupid critics), sit down and watch the Goddam film!

Episode III would be the last of the Star Wars films and it completes the two Trilogies. Episode III would be the movie which ties everything together and also shows how Darth Vader came to be. There were a lot of Lightsaber fighting and excellent scenes but there was one thing which I have problem with:

The Killing of all Jedis (Order 66)
Although they did not show the subsequent scene, the activation of Anakin's Lightsaber (in the foreground) in the presense of the young Padawans and later their bodies as discovered by Obi-Wan shows that even children were not spared.

The movie shows how Anakin becomes Darth Vader because of the ones he loved. So, when things did not turned out as he expected, it is very disheartening indeed. For him, there is no turning back.

So, will there be any more Star Wars? Until the TV series is finalised, we would have to content with watching 25 episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars (which would fill in the gap before Episode III)

Once again, please remember, this is Fantasy Star Wars and not real life Earth so, the usual rules do not apply.

A Stormtrooper practicing his weapon

I am about to destroy the whole Empire