The ULTM 4753 Auto Timer

OK, I am bored. And tired from all the programming. So, I decided to refresh my mind by exploring the "Turbo timer" I got yesterday. For RM50.00, this device is a bargain and its wiring harness is complete. After looking for more information from the Internet, this device is amazing!

Basically, what is does is to switch off the car engine after letting it idle for a preset time. For actual cars with a turbo system installed, after nice drive, they need to let the engine run to 'cool' everything down naturally. You cannot switch the engine off just like that as everything is still hot. Personally, this is one of the problems which I do not accept when it came to having a turbo system, apart from costly maintenance, that it.

Anyway, how this timer works is short of amazing. You have to do things in sequence before the time starts. For example, you have to engage the handbrakes before turning the ignition key off or something before the timer starts the countdown. Even the relays are working. But if you connect the sensor wires correctly, you can have a timer in perfect working condition. This is good news for some cash-strapped bad guys.

And so, after connecting the timer briefly,
the whole circuit works. But of course, this
was not the main purpose I got it. No, sir.

My main attraction was with the plastic
casing that came with it. Its the design
that I loved.

Or to be more exact, the pivoting front
fascia. Oh, and if you look carefully, the
unit actually has three buttons but here,
the other two metal buttons are missing.

Taking the whole unit apart, this is the main circuit
board which housed all the necessary electronics to
make the whole thing work. The connector ribbons
fro the motherboard to the display is necessary as
this is the are where the unit pivots up and down.

And so, taking a few LEDs and connecting them
to a makeshift board, my idea is starting to form...