Vee-chai is sticking to 333

I think, I can safely say that vee-chai can go to about 333 to 350 Km on RM50 now. This is normal town driving with some occasional passengers. Still, I was hoping it would be higher but then again, compared to my Bengmobile, this is much much better. If only I had changed earlier. But I know it cannot be done due to the problems in the last company. Because if I did, the chances of higher credit card bills and the repo men being my frequent visitors would be the answer.

So, 333 it is. Already its flashing the 'empty' sign

Hey, wait a minute! Its back to 2 bars now! Whoa!
(1.5 KM later, it was flashing empty again.)

And so, 333 it is for urban driving. But for Highways,
I am sure the numbers would be shocking. That is,
if I get the chance to go outstation la.....