Trip to Kota Bahru Day Four

Fourth Day

After a nice rest at Hotel Berlin in Prai, its time to start work there before going on to Alor Setar and Ipoh. I hope to complete all three sites so that I can go home on the same day. But unfortunately, this was not the case because of some technical problems with Telekoms Malaysia. They insisted that their error is not an error until I pointed out that it was their technician who screwed up. And I lost two precious hours doing this.

By the time I arrived in Ipoh, it was already evening and there was a heavy downpour which created instant flood at Jusco. But I was glad to have a Hotel Room (the same room too). Since it was already late in the evening, I did not realise that most of the shops have closed or are already closing by then. I just had to take whatever food they had left and it was better than eating bread and drinking Slurpee at 7-11. Ha ha ha ha ha

Mr. Sun waking me up at
0745 in the morning at Prai

This is my lunch for the day as I still have a lot of
driving to do, from Prai to Alor Setar to Ipoh to KL.

By the time I reached Ipoh, it was already evening and
the customer has left the office. So, I decided to head to
the Hotel. On the way, there was a sudden rainstorm
which flooded half the road near Jusco.

This is pork with chili and remaining rice. Ha ha ha

Oh Baby! I wanted you for so long! Come on, Baby!
Yeah! Come to me!
But the Lays Potato chip was too salty for me and
I had to mix it with the rice and pretend its papadum
I have waited for years to justify buying a RM8.80 potato
crisp and tonight is the night because I have RM18 to spend!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Too bad there is nothing nice on Telly. So, I only ate 30% (of the potato crisps) of it and did a bit of surfing before sleep overcame me.