The MP3 Cassette Tape

Hello! Hello! Come here! Come here! Come, come. I got something to show you!

What is it?

Look what I got in the mail today! Look! Look!

OK, its just a cassette tape, cables and some car plug. So?

No, no! Look closely! Its a magic cassette tape!
Magic Cassette tape?

Yes! See? See? There are no tapes here!

Yeah, I see someone stuck a cassette player head in there. This is a joke, right?

No, no! It can play a lot of songs! About 2GB's worth!

Sure or not?

Sure! Sure! See? I just transferall my MP3s into the SD card and insert it into the cassette tape

Wow! How did you do that?

Simple! And not only that, if you don't want to put it into the cassette tape player, you can listen to the songs with just the headphone!

Wow! I want one too! Where did you get it?

I got if from eBay la. Worked out to be about RM50-60 plus postage.

Wow. Now, I am interested!

And some more, you can charge its internal batteries from any USB port or from the car!

And so, I got this from eBay for a song while others were selling them at various prices. What they have done is t put a simple MP3 player and a rechargeable battery into a cassette tape and then connect the output to a player head. Such a simple concept. I was looking for alternative solutions to the FM MP3 players when I saw this. Some cars do have a cassette player but with a broken cigarette lighter port. One good thing about this is that I can use it as a stand alone MP3 player too.

The Specs that is worth mentioning abut:
1) Plays MP3 from 32kbps to 256kbps bitrate
2) Supports up to 2GB SD cards
3) Auto repeat
4) Internal lithium-ion battery that lasts for 6 hours (have not tried this yet)
5) You have PLAY/PAUSE, FORWARD, REV, VOLUP, VOL DOWN and EQ buttons

1) Music fades out every time you skip forward or backwards.
2) It has a 3.5mm headphone jack
3) Has some nice EQ settings

1) Everytime you switch it on, it goes to the first song on the list
2) There is no remote control, you'd have to press the forward skip button a lot of you have a lot of songs
3) Sound quality is OK
4) The buttons are a bit hard to press
5) You cannot control the device (such as forward, skip, pause, etc) when it is inserted into tape player
6) You have to remember to turn the power switch off after charging. I am not sure what will happen since I forgot where I left the manual.

Anything, Whatever

How may I take your order, sir?
Do you have Anything?
Do you have Anything to drink?
Yes, Sir. We have a wide selection of Anything.
OK, Whatever.
I'll have Whatever, then
But Sir, do you need Anything?
Yes, Yes! I'll take Anything! Even Whatever that you have, OK?
Yes, sir. But which does Sir prefer?
Anything it is, Sir.
Yes, Sir. That will be two cans, Sir.
Two cans? I just want a drink, damn it!
Well, Sir have just ordered Anything and Whatever that we have
Look, just bring me Anything or Whatever you have, alright?
A very wise choice, sir. And does Sir need something to go with Anything?
Goddammit! I fyo don;t get me Anything, I am going to stuff your ass with Whatever!
Very good, Sir

Yeah, and it goes on and on. Yep, I am bored tonight

If you drink Anything along with Whatever, its going to ruin your guts.
But if you go with Whatever after drinking Anything, I guess its the same.
At RM1.90 per can, you'd better go slow with Anything or Whatever that
you have in hand. BTW, Anything that I had just now, tastes a bit orangy.

Faster! Faster

Faster la, Maybank!
I want my salary!

Before and after

My customer was renovating his office for the Sales team and we were contracted to do cables. Some of the cables were to be removed while some were to be added on. Confusing? Not really. Because the cables are fixed to one point, it is not easy to relocate them since the customer does not want to see any trunking or pipes. So, the ones that cannot be used will have to be pulled out of the room instead. And we have to do this in stages like other contractors so that each person's part does not clash.

The first contractor would have to prep the floor. At the same time, we
will be there to remove the old cables (on the floor) and also put in the
new ones. Once that is done, the contractor would do the floor and also
paint the walls. Once that is done, we come in again to terminate all the
cables. When we're done, the contractor would touch-up with more paint

When that is all done, the staff would then get the necessary furniture and
decorations from Ikea. Nice or not? I felt the sofa was a bit too hard though.

They got this powerpoint distributor at Ikea for Rm39.90

I like it because of the design and it remindsme of something sci-fi,
like those flying saucers you see on Dan Piraro's Bizzaro cartoons.

Once you open the cover, you can see that it has space to fit in four 13A plugs
but I was wishing the orientation would face the opposite so that the cables
would wind up in the middle and come out at the top of the cover

The accident near Sungei Buloh Bridge

Thinking I could save time to see a customer in Klang, I used the NKVE. Although using the normal way and the LDP would save me about RM1.30, the time wasted would cost me more. All was fine until after I entered the Highway, there was a long 500m queue which was quickly building up. By the time we reached the accident, it was because of a lorry carrying tiles that turned.

You know, if I submitted this photo or the next, I could have my name
published on TheStar. Why? Because some one did, that's why.

Unfortunately, since I did not get anything, I stopped sending it to TheStar

The accident must have been quite a while because the PLUS personnel
have "marked" the damaged divider section. A two hour old accident?

Unfortunately, by the time I passed the accident, the opposite side of the road
has been jammed up for more than a kilometer.

And one more for the road

Why is the cup there at the traffic lights? Please take your pick:
A) Somewhere, Coffebean has a drive-in
B) The traffic lights changing sequence are getting too long
C) Its a mat rempit stunt. Someone is going to come speeding and grab the cup
D) Someone thinks they can throw rubbish anywhere