There was one time which one of our colleague ordered a fried kuey teow where the Uncle took less than four minutes to cook. In the end, it tasted a bit raw. what was fo funny was that it became a running joke at that moment in time because, we can hear the Uncle shouting, "Hou!" after he placed his order. And we were all seating 20 feet away......

Colleague: Uncle, one dish of fried key teow, please.
Uncle: Hou! (and proceed to grab the stuff into the wok)
Colleague: Uncle, no chili, please
Uncle: Hou! (and grabbed more kuey teow into the wok)
Colleague: Uncle, I sit there wun.
Uncle: Houu! (and grabbed more kuey teow)
And this went on and on.......

Because when his kuey teow came, it looked more like Mount Everest..... so, that was the joke. But it was not funny when although it was raw, he kept eating it because that was all the cash he had as he was saving up to go to Taiwan to further his studies.

Which brings us to today, just as we were lunching, he is already flying to Taiwan and as a gesture, I decided to try the kuey teow too......

Me: Unvle, I want a 5-minute kuey teow
Uncle: Hou! (and grabbed some kuey teow...)
Me: Uncle, no see harm (as in cockels)
Uncle" Hou! (and grabbed even more keuy teow...)
Me: Uncle, I want lots of garlic
Uncle: Houu! (and literally emptied the whole bowl of garlic)
Me: Uncle, I...... I sit there....
Uncle: Hou!...

So, what I got wasn't too bad as it came five minutes later, with the two deep fried prawns and lots of garlic, which you can see above. As for the prawns, I gave them to a colleague of mine since I know they have been fried a long time and moreover, I try not to eat prawns nowadays.