Fish Head Mee Hoon

I'm out of inspiration for this one. Not sure what to put into this entry. Or maybe, I am just tired trying to remember things more than three days ago. Anyway, this is the first time my Wife made Fish Head Mee Hoon together with my Mom. One thing I liked about this dish is the soup. Actually, I liked the deep fried fish meat but because they're heads, I have no clue on how to go about eating them.

This is a very nice delicacy, courtesy of our
Sister In Law #4 who brought it back all the
way from Taiwan. Its like dried meat but its
also filled with nuts and black sesame seed
and all. I suspect its made into a thick block
and then sliced thinly and grilled. It was so
popular, they never lasted beyond 24 hours
after opening, me thinks.

Kristine enjoying her mee hoon

And so is Kaelynn

Rare Group hug! Rare Group Hug!

Half an hour later, while Mommy was eating her
share, someone came down, with a new fashion
and drank all the 100plus left on the table.

The revenge phone

The phone brought in by my Tech is very weird. Its not because of the problem that the circuit for the microphone is faulty but the way it was damaged.

Boss: Well? How is it?
Me: There's nothing wrong with the handset. I'm suspecting the circuit board

After opening the phone, we see the rust.

Boss: Maybe the servant wants revenge
Me: How so? This is water damage
Boss: Maybe the servant mopped too often
Me: Unlikely. The bottom connectors did not have signs of water damage
Boss: Maybe the servant poured water on it.
Me: Possible but it more of a few drops. Besides, if it was a lot, the keypads would show.
Boss: .........
Me: I just try to repair, OK?

And so, the water reacted with the circuit board
from the top.

And the bottom too. If there was a lot of water,
the mark would have been more.

It was so bad that the legs of this LED
had rusted through

And here it is, the full damage. Funny how rust can
do this. I suspect, maybe there is a component that
had rusted and "exploded" onto its surroundings
But I do not have the same phone model to compare

As soon as I repaired the LED, the second LED
(on the right) also had its legs rusted through