Caught in the Act

Grandma got the two girls to help out with the laundry
as they were still very active and noisy after the day's
activity. They were so eager to help that one of them
was not properly dressed.....


Kristine: I want to be a counter!
Caryn: You want to be a Accountant.
Kristine: Yeah!

Trip tp Mid-Valley 28082010

My things had to take a back seat this week as we had a few errands to do in Mid-Valley. So, we had to leave early as this would be one of the last two weeks before Hari Raya and the End of Sales. Naturally, this would mean a lot of people and huge traffic jams.

First thing first, which is to let the girls have their
breakfast. Originally, the plan was to go to MacD's

But we were 'diverted' to KFC instead. Why?

This is why. This is KFC's weapon to beat MacDonald's
game. What is so special about this game is that each
game had a card which you can use to select one of the
two games. Its a nice idea but because the card is paper,
it tends to get bent easily and in the end, you're left
with the default game. MacD's have left/right, jump and
twist while KFC has Game 'A' and Game 'B'.

After the breakfast, it was time to go have
looksee-looksee. In the middle court,
were some
decorations for the Hari Raya.
Nothing fancy this time
but just flowers
in an incomplete house.

And so, naturally, it was just a matter
of minutes before they start to warm
up for some photos.

There you go. I still have not found
out where they start to have the "V"
signs out. Must be a natural for girls
in this day and age.

Yes, its Saturday but its not Night

In the meantime, while I was getting my
glasses made, they were meditating. Its
good because everyone in the shop gets
a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Not satisfied with the breakfast, its time for
lunch. And their last meal was just less than
two hours ago.

By this time, the midday crowd had gathered and
so, its showtime. Presenting the bing bing bong
ensemble. I love this when I was small but now,
its just random some bongs, more of like an
original Malaysian Jazz thing.

Two hours later, they were hungry again!
I am starting to worry if this keeps up as
all my salary would be going into their
stomachs instead of their education....

Finally, its time to go home after scoring a
lot of books from MPH. I was temped to
get a notebook for RM15.90
but I stopped myself as I had less than
RM50 in my wallet and most of it is going
into the car's petrol tank come Monday.

This is a very nice book. Its designed for magnets
which Kaelynn wanted it so badly. Think of it as
stickers but reusable type of stickers.

They even had a small clear plastic 'drawer' for
the girls to keep the magnets when they are not
playing with it.

So, by using the magnets, they were able to
tell a lot of stories and also expand their
imaginations. Cool.