While I was at my Mom in Law's place, I spotted a local car magazine which showed some of the digitally modified cars (from a photo, that is) and most of them were beautiful and possibly do-able. So, the Honda below is one of my favourite (after the 1980's Prelude, that is) since I do not like Hondas that much.

Click on the image of this beautiful Honda to go there

The Monster and Pooh Bear

Hello, there, Mr. Pooh

Listen up, I want to tell you that.....

I am a Pro-Wrestler. Ha ha ha ha!
I win first round!

Did you see my Flip-Kundo just now?
I win Round 2!

Round 3 and I am the Winner!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

You dare to stop me?
I will make chicken soup out of you!

You're next! Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa

AutoWorld.com.my Dispenses cash

ME : Wife! I need your phone again!
Wife: Hmmph!

I saw this at Lucky Garden's Hong Leong ATM next to the former Akbar Shah restaurant
Had to make some old lady wait while this slide comes out. Heh

Restaurant Akbar Shah


We were passing by Lucky Garden, Bangsar today and all of a sudden, there is a lot of construction activity


At the Endah Parade Lights

I will leave this up to your imagination

The Spider

When we were visiting Mom in Law today, I saw a very cute pair of miniature trees. Ok, it was not the trees which caught my attention but the mini stand and the mini vase

This is a miniature plant, measuring about 8 inches in height, including the cute mini stand
What is that on the red circle?

Why, its a spider!

Final Fantary Advent Children

This is the latest movie to come out from Squaresoft right after their First Movie; The Spirits Within. Unfortunately, it was not well received because of too much "critics". Then again, everyone had high expectations. For Advent Children, the movie start right off two years after the game has ended. And like most people said, if you have not played the game, you would not understand most of the story and references. in the end, you'd ended up watching the fights and special effects like a blur sotong (Like me). But then, again, I was more a fan of Final Fantasy VIII, which is more realistic and nice storyline. Oh, how I wished they make this movie too.

Here is Will's explanation on the Movie.

Still, there are some things that comes with each movie you cannot ignore. The Merchandise

I have seen Cloud's Motorbike (with the name of Fenrir, but I don't think it was mentioned int he movie) and the action figures. although its priced quiet high, I have no intention of buying them.

Oh yeah, after watching Final Fantasy:Advent Children, I edited the ringtone (Loz's mobile's ringtone after his fight with Tifa in the Church) from my MP3 archive. Maybe its an in-joke but in the game, once you win a fight, that music will come on. So, whenever I call Wifey, that's the ringtone (my number only) she will hear.

Panasonic VS2 2.0MP Camera

ME: Oi, borrow your handphone
WIFE: For what? You got also, wat
ME: Haiya, just borrow le

So, once I got it, it was time to test the 2 Mega Pixel built into the phone. One thing I can say is, because the VS2 does not have the option of adding a memory card, I have to make do with its SHARED internal 32MB memory. Compared to my Sony Ericssson T630, the VS2 stores the images quite fast, even on maximum resolution.

Someone spilled honey at Carrefour

My very last picture before I got..........

The camera is not so good when it comes to action shots in low light

But the macro function is quite good

But not on all subjects. I did not read the manual (still wrapped)
about its minimal focus distance

My Friend's Wedding Dinner

Last weekend, we were invited to one of my ex-colleague's Wedding Dinner held in Section 14's Jaya Supermarket. We met a lot of ex-colleagues and my friend had the foresight to seat us away from my ex-Boss. It was a long awaited dinner which I was looking forward to, despite the problems they encountered which nearly caused things to hit the fan.

Anyway, although this restaurant was famous for its dished, but on that night, it was so-so. I guess they're not that good when I comes to serving large crowds. Also, looking at the menu, they had dish #4 mixed up with dish #5. Not forgetting, the pause between each dish was not consistent because by the time everyone got fed up of waiting, when the dish came, we all felt quite full, which lead to a lot of wastage. Such delay accumulated way past 10PM too.

But because its my friend's Wedding, we have to give face to her la.

It was also a good chance for me to try out Wifey's new Panasonic VS2's 2MP camera.

Some old ladies were singing 60's English songs on the Karaoke machine
Yep, once the fat one came up.......

Lots of people walking to and fro because of the foods inconsistency

Since I have some time to spare, I decided to clear my stuff that was eaten by termites. Between the feelings of sadness and despair, I managed to recover quite a bit of stuff last time. By the time I got about a basin-full of model kits, which was mostly Limited Edition and rare stuff, unfortunately. Anyway, before I could start to clean them, rain has started. So, I got a few pieces to clean inside the house, much to the displeasure of Wifey.

The parts I took was the Warp nacelles for the Limited Edition Voyager model kit. Yeah, I am thinking about a 4-Warp nacelle ship instead of the normal two. Hee hee hee hee

What's under the cover?

Yep, my termite infected kits, mostly Star Trek, which is hard to find in the market now