The Sleep cycle

29082012 2129

And there she is... sleeping on the couch, all tired out

One sleeps while the other is awake and vice versa.
Just like when they're babies. When Kristine was sleeping, Kaelynn was awake playing. And when it was time for her to sleep, within minutes, Kristine was up, ready to play. Those were the times which really wore the two of us out.

So, we fit our lives around their schedule. When one was awake, one of us would take care of them and vice versa. And to tell you the truth, it worked. And then things got worse because these napping sessions really made us more tired and unable to focus on pretty much... things.

Anyway, these were the experiences I am glad to go through although at that time, it was a very, very tiring episode.

Revell 1/72 C-160 Transall

Yep. I made up my mind and got a Revell 1/72 C-160 Transall. I am not sure why but all I know that for the past few days after seeing those planes, I wanted one. So, why the interest in Transport Planes? One of the reason was that I was fascinated by the fact that these transport planes deliver their cargo via air-drops and in order to achieve this, their cargo ramps open. Yep, the sliding cargo and opening ramps got me. No, it was not because of the game Uncharted since I don't have an up-to-date games console to play them.

OK, granted that everyone has seen the C-130 Hercules but why the C-160? When I wanted one, the Hercules was not there anymore except the three; C-160, G.222 and the C-27J Spartan. Originally, I was about to choose the Spartan (because it sounded nice and macho) but eventually, the size of the C-160 won me over.

Oho... the gigantic 1/16 King Tiger is up for sale!
The owner got it for RM1699 at t hat time.

The Revell 1/72 C-160 Transall on my workdesk!

The moment I set the sprues on the table, I realised that it is a very big model. I could not take all this in while I was at the model shop because well, buying it was the only thing on my mind. Oh, and thanks to Mr. Low for treating me a cup of Iced Coffee.

Out of the two choices, this was the one that I bought since I was looking for some seated pilots.

At first, I was hesitating on buying these 1/72 figures for fear of getting those soft plastic soldiers which was normally used for tabletop wargaming. But since I helped Bruce open one, I was glad that its hard plastic.

For a 1/72 scale figure which is about as tall as a single notch on the finger, you can see the fine details.
And so, once again, I have bitten off more than I can chew and  this is going to be a problem since my itchy finger wants to do up this model for the SFTPMS Group Build which ends in November. 

I mean, I don't even have an airbrush let alone paints to start with. what am I going to do?