Revell 1/72 C-160 Transall

Yep. I made up my mind and got a Revell 1/72 C-160 Transall. I am not sure why but all I know that for the past few days after seeing those planes, I wanted one. So, why the interest in Transport Planes? One of the reason was that I was fascinated by the fact that these transport planes deliver their cargo via air-drops and in order to achieve this, their cargo ramps open. Yep, the sliding cargo and opening ramps got me. No, it was not because of the game Uncharted since I don't have an up-to-date games console to play them.

OK, granted that everyone has seen the C-130 Hercules but why the C-160? When I wanted one, the Hercules was not there anymore except the three; C-160, G.222 and the C-27J Spartan. Originally, I was about to choose the Spartan (because it sounded nice and macho) but eventually, the size of the C-160 won me over.

Oho... the gigantic 1/16 King Tiger is up for sale!
The owner got it for RM1699 at t hat time.

The Revell 1/72 C-160 Transall on my workdesk!

The moment I set the sprues on the table, I realised that it is a very big model. I could not take all this in while I was at the model shop because well, buying it was the only thing on my mind. Oh, and thanks to Mr. Low for treating me a cup of Iced Coffee.

Out of the two choices, this was the one that I bought since I was looking for some seated pilots.

At first, I was hesitating on buying these 1/72 figures for fear of getting those soft plastic soldiers which was normally used for tabletop wargaming. But since I helped Bruce open one, I was glad that its hard plastic.

For a 1/72 scale figure which is about as tall as a single notch on the finger, you can see the fine details.
And so, once again, I have bitten off more than I can chew and  this is going to be a problem since my itchy finger wants to do up this model for the SFTPMS Group Build which ends in November. 

I mean, I don't even have an airbrush let alone paints to start with. what am I going to do?

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