HMMWVs of differing kinds

I just found back the Revell Model kit which I bought quite some time ago. And right before that, was the model from Military Wheels. At that time, I wanted them in 1/72 scale because of the earlier B-377 Stratocruiser which I wanted to covert it to some kind of space travel/explorer ship. But during the time of purchase, the Revell kit or any kit other than Military Wheels were not available.

I am not saying Military Wheels are bad but once I have seen the crisp details on the Revell kit, the comparison was very obvious.

Although both are Humvees but in actual fact, they're variations. Military Wheels's is M1025 Armament Carrier while the Revell (surprise!) gives you both M966 TOW Missile Carrier & M997 Maxi Ambulance!!

Its quite amazing that there are two vehicles crammed into one box. But anyway, this is what you get. A bag of plastic sprues, an instruction sheet, some decals and very thin windows.

Military Wheels on the other hand, has the same offering but I am not sure why the plastic has brown spots.

This is what you get from Revell. The first four sprues are identical as these contains the parts you need to create two basic Humvee base vehicles.
The next four sprues then gives you the parts to make the M966 and M977.

Also, the decals are very nice.

This is the offering from Military Wheels. It has transparent plastic parts which is one up against Revell.

However, there is a small problem with scale. The Revell model, looks a tad smaller than Military Wheels. However, I do not know the actual length of a real Humvee so I am not bothered for the moment.

All the following images shows that Military Wheels's humvee is slightly longer than Revell's.

Both instructions are quite clear at a glance. Since I have not made any of the models, I cannot compare them.

The transparent plastic sprue is from Military Whee;s while; the transparent strip is from Revell.
So, on one hand, I have two Humvees that has a lot of details and on the other, one that is just well, a very good effort. It is quite obvious that Revell comes out the winner on this little competition. What cliched the deal was not due to the crisp details which is now a standard feature on all modern kits but that it gave two Humvees for the price of one.

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