Being late

This was a very stupid morning. I did not realise that there were Merdeka rehearsals down the road from the Museum onwards. Normall, we were very early but just for the sake of this morning, we were running late by about 4 minutes because she was still sleeping and guess what?

There was a big jam there, and at the end of the jam, just before the Museum were two Traffic Policemen telling us to detour. And the only detour was well, that road to Jln Duta/Jln Tun Razak.

Well, that's that I suppose. So I had to crawl back, to Jln Damansara, and back to the Federal Highway, i.e. one big U-turn...

And also, it was raining. What a great morning, people. Kristine suggested that we turn back and stay at home but I was adamant that she goes to school, by hook or by crook. I do not want her to skip anything just because of some excuses.

By the time we arrived, it was already 5 to eight. And so, she had to fill up the lateness form for the very first time. And she was not the only one...

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