Hello? Hello?

As it has transpired to my other colleagues, I seldom use my phone to call customers or each other for updates for two main reason: Cost and they hate SMS.

So, now, they have given me another mobile phone (and another number) to encourage me to use it. So, I have to chalk up about RM120 worth of calls per month. Which is fine but there is another dillema:

I have to manually "divert" all callers to my other colleague's number since this was originally his. And the phone rang every few minutes. And I have to buy a handsfree kit for it as well since I am pretty sure it will ring at the most unlikeliest time. You can imagine I would have two sets handsfree earphones plugged in to my ears while I am driving.

Speaking of handsfree, I now have to get two. For you see, the Bluetooth for my Sony Ericsson T630 is literally dead. I will have to check it this week. What a waste for RM180.

After using it for a week, the ear-hook began to soften due to my sweat and body heat.
After 3 weeks, the silicon ear-piece fell off, and I had to glue a black sponge with UHU glue
After 4 weeks, the ear-hook split apart and I had to use a heat-shrink sleeve to hold them since all glue has failed.
After 6 weeks, it was either the mains adaptor or the connection to the device or its internal battery because this device has losts its Blues