So, today is the last day for moving all the stuff. This time, its my turn to get a lorry. I must have misheard the conversation as the river keep telling me the lorry is "14 kaki" which turns out to be 14 feet in length and not a 14-wheeler as I keep fantasizing about.

Still, its better than the first one last week.....

While waiting for the lorry to show up at 10am (The were late by 45 minutes)
I now present you, the real "Fly Guy" ha ha ha ha ha

Waiting for them is like taking an eternity..........
This lorry is covered and cleaner. So, we don not have to worry about
the rain and have to work fast.

This is the center of my Universe before I got married
Then it crashed...............

Much of the stuff is still intact.........

And by 4 in the afternoon, we have shifted MOST of the stuff

The next morning, I realised that I should have never pissed
off the cat last night.

But never mind, a brick soon stopped its habit
Pity I could not thrown and hit it as I could easily
hit any of the neighbour's cars, which is not good