While I was at On-Line, I saw the LED which I was so interested in, that I almost bought one from the Internet, regardless of the price. Yes, folks, its a 3Watt RGB LED (I won't say its a Luxeon because for the price I am paying for, its not) being sold for RM30!!!Whoo hoo!!

Unfortunately, its using a common anode which means I would have to redesign my test circuit to accommodate this. I hate doing that because at that time, I was so excited and impatient, you see. Instead, I used an analogue multimeter to test it out. Wah, that satisfied my geekiness!

I dem lup dis, so its my favourite LED for the month!

Youtube Funnies II

OK, here are more YouTube videos which is quite nice:

Matrix Dinner

Ping Pong

I still love this, its the first I've ever seen

Ping Pong II

Falling down

Two-man comedy


Failed Experiment in nudity (Lucymisser)

The videos uploaded by her is very nice and I am starting to get addicted by her. Hmmmm.