Precise Destruction.

Never ever underestimate the awesome destructive power of
the girls. My Boss had one MP3 player exactly like this. It
broke apart while he was opening it to repair one of the
buttons. But the girls took it apart in such a way that I
could snap them back again. OK, luckily I found them
in the early stages of destruction, so the MP3 player
is saved. Or else i would have to get another one.

Home alone again

OK, this morning, my Wife and the kids have gone to her Sister's to look at some baby. And just when I woke up, my parents and everyone else rushed out to eat some Beef Noodles, leaving me alone in the house. And yea, this is another good opportunity to....

...fall back asleep again.

Actually, no ler. Its another opportunity to make lunch. This time, I call this, "The One-day old Rojak instant noodle". My Mom bought the rojak for me the day before but because I was rushing to Mid-Valley, it was kept on the table for hours before going into the fridge. And so, as expected, the rojak was beginning to go bad, due to the cucumbers. Not letting it go to waste, even when the crunchy bits have gone soggy, I mixed it into the boiling pot of instant noodles. Not only will this kill the germs (hopefully) but I still get to eat it. Ha ha ha ha

Yeah, it looks weird, like something you'd have done
with leftovers. And yes, this time I have no diarrhea.

Just as soon as I finished the noodles, my Wife came back
and she bought sone Bak Kut Teh. Oh, the meat was so
soft and good too. It was a bit pinkish inside but then, the
soup was excellent. Going to have it for dinner.

And she also bought some Assam Fish, which I thought
was a bit too assam-ish