Mouth Ulcer

Not feeling very happy today as my mouth ulcer has worsened. It was so bad, that I could not eat or drink properly. And also, this was my first time that I had 10 ulcers. Usually, its one or just the occasional two but 10 is a nightmare. It made me cranky and puts me in the "What are you looking at, you @#$!" mood.

See? Right next to the big one in the middle, you
can see two other small ones on the sides.

Even my lips are so dry, its like scabs

At the top, there are actually two but in
this picture, you can only see one. But its
so painful every time I pick my nose........

And yea, there rest are all there, all making
life miserable for 10 whole days.

And so, its time for some cheep cheep treatment,
which is lots of Vitamin-C!

And just for more torture, I added
some ice-cream with the yogurt as
well. Yes, even eating ice-cream is
painful too.

And boy, in reality, the colour is a little
pinkish, same shade and consistency as
the stuff you throw up after eating too
much crap. And this time, all I have to
do is to drink it without affecting all the
ulcers in the mouth. Not easy, man.

The Happy before The Sad

The girls are very happy today. So happy they would involuntarily posed for me whenever I took pictures of them. Aha, but 30 minutes after this, it was a very different story.....

Both girls enjoying their lunch. And after that,
Mommy said, "Its time for hair-cut!"

You can see that Kristine was the one that
was not happy at all. This was because the
girls wanted to have long hair. Maybe this
could also be Kristine's only chance before
she goes to another school next year which
might allow long hair.

Kristine indicating how short Mommy will
take off from the forehead.

After the hair-cut.......

Meanwhile, it was Kaelynn's turn and she took
it calmly, as if it was already a small matter.

Even with the new hair-cut, she looks
very pretty.

The sadness of Curry Mee

Curry Mee, Oh, Curry Mee,
What has happened to me?
Here you are, in front of me.
My stomach says, "Eat! Eat! Eat!"
But the ulcers say, "Hee! Hee! Hee!"

Oh, Curry Mee, curry Mee.
Woe is me.
Resigned to the fate,
Of eating congee.