29102012 Kaelynn's Last Concert

Today is a special day for Kaelynn. This will be her last concert and so, everyone is ready for the day.

First of all, we need to stop by for some breakfast. I am still not very used to Ksitine's haircut which I think is too short. but then again, this is the school regulation.

A quick take-away at the Clownhouse is the order of the day

With the smell in the car, it was hard to concentrate on the driving. Yep, I am hungry as well.

In the meantime, while the car was parked, Mommy did Kaelynn's face.

Which is not easy since she was curious about all the makeup stuff and also, its very hard to do a nice line using the car's courtesy light.

Still, what a sight to behold!

At the Registration. Kristine remembered some of her teachers and vice versa

At the same time, on the Ground Floor, there was a MAS recruitment and you should see the lines which stretched all the way to the main door

Nice setup but this time, the projector is very dim and also, the speakers are too loud.

In the meantime, Krsitine was still hungry and so, I took her to the MAS canteen which was opened (for the job applicants) while we waited for my Mom and Dad to arrive.

One of the models on display outside the Building's Main entrance. I believe SFTPMS can do better.

Concert went without a hitch with Kaelynn performing a wonderful somersault much to the delight of the audience. Then it went downhill when some Indian canine scolded my Wife for 'booking' all the seats meant for us leaving latecomers like her without any. And the husband, he just kept quiet while Wife told me not to intervene.

Another rare non fighting sisterly shot

Lunch at the Clubhouse, Chicken Maryland for the girls.
So, thats it and I am, glad we don't have to go through this ordeal since most of the students are of those type which causes a lot of unwanted friction for everyone. I am lucky we did not get into a fight there and then. I am sad also because this would be the last time, I could take photos of the girls in concert.