1/72 WWII Pilot Figure Set

Just got a set of those 1/72 Pilot figures for whatever reasons you think is valid. This is one of those 'stock-up' buying spree which, to me, does not need any explanation save for the fact that I was desperate for some 1/72 figures which, do not look like any ground infantry. Of course I can go to eBay, the infamous eBay, that eBay... but then, not only would it costs me three times more, I would not be supporting my LHS (Local Hobby Shop)

And so, here it is, the big wonderful box, with colourful pictures of all the WWII pilots

The funny part is that the box is big but the contents were...
Anyway, you get six figures. But Hasegawa has generously included another identical set in case you wanted to make twin pilots

So, rule of thumb is, 1/35 is about two finger ridges tall while 1/72 is 3/4 single finger ridge.