Tron Deluxe Identity Disc

OK, so, finally, I got it. This is one of the toys I was waiting for since months ago. Not so because its a Tron item but because, I am curious if it can be modified. I'll come to that later.

Initially, the toy was supposed to be out in late October. And by the time it lands here in Malaysia, it should be in about the last week of November. But unfortunately, November came and there was no Disc in sight. Most suppliers have not heard of them because this is not a 'normal' toy from the usuall big toy companies such as Habsro but rather from Spinmaster. And some who do know, had difficulties in sourcing from them citing problems with authorities who now has decided that any toy coming in to the Country must undergo a SIRIM certification. However, I am not satisfied with the explanation of toy safety. This is one of the 'You know, I know' things.

Anyway, some sellers in Amcorp Mall are selling the disc, along with the whole range of Tron related toys from Spinmaster. Unfortunately, the Discs were being retailed for RM250. And so, I was very disappointed. But then, this is what most toy sellers are doing nowadays. If you want that toy early, and ahead of everyone, be prepared to pay a huge premium for it. And so, I left. And if I wait long enough, normal suppliers may bring them in and at a price maybe, nor more than RM200. However, this is a gamble because they might not bring it in at all.

So one day, I decided to Google for shops selling the Disc in Malaysia and lo and behold, there was one in the name of ToyRebels. After discussing it one Mr. Hari, I got what I wanted and because I am going to take it apart, I got a very nice price from him.

And so, this is the picture of the disc, still in its
casing. (But not for long)

I think the disk is about 10 inches and it feels
quite normal to hold it. when I have the time,
I will go over it once again. Right now, its Zzz..