I nearly died (or today is a bad day)

Yeah, today was a shitty day. All those unexpected crap turned up and smacked me in the face.

1) I got overtaken by a lot of cars and even a small motorbike
Today was a really hot day and because of that, my car was quite sluggish. So, I decided not to press on the gas anymore as this would waste more money.

2) I really got a Police Summons
This was because there was a 4x4 which tried to overtake a car on the right. So I swerved to avoid and ended up on a road which I am not supposed to go to. Yep, and the Police were waiting round the corner.

3) I challenged the Cops to give me another summons
While he was writing down my particulars, I tried to make a phone call in the car and he assumed I wanted to take his picture. I told him I was not because I wanted to make a call that I will be slightly delayed. So he called his colleague and told him I wanted to take his picture. His colleague came over and said something rude and also added that I could have another summons due to the large boxes in my car (yeah, the company still did not get a van yet). I was pissed off and told him to give me another summons, then. Seeing I was already pissed off and wanted to get out of the car, he just game me the first summons and let me go.

Needless to say, I was late for the appointment and the customer has already closed his office by four.

4) I nearly got reverse rammed into a pillar (and died)
It was a stupid mistake because while shopping at Makro, when we were about to go home, since I got the car keys, I opened the doors and put it in the ingnition. Since I did not know the cobination to the steering lock, I left it there and told my Dad, "The key's in there".I went to the back to the car to get to the other side and noticed the reverse lights were on. Thinking it was just a short, I neved paid heed. Suddenly the Volvo reversed and I banged on the boot to alert my Dad but it was no use. Luckily for me, my feet were already in motion, moving my fat ass away from the car. If not, I would be knocked down and straight onto the piller where I would be "crepe de fatso"

I knew what happened. Someone put the gears in reverse when we parked the car. And while the steering lock was still in position, the brakes cannot be used. In the end, the Volvo's bumper got dented instead

5) Kristine gave me a wedgie
And dug my belly button, slapped my ribs and also pulled my hair while I tried to get her to sleep.