Lucky grandchild

While I was waiting for my haircut, I was intrigued by the latest Transformer game played by this little chubby boy. Since I am not sure about the game's strategies or mission, I cannot say if he is playing it right or wrong but he is definitely enjoying himself. This went on for more than 10 minutes before an elderly gentleman came in and sat behind him, hugging and whispering to him.

Moments later, an elderly lady came in and also whispered to the boy, the to the gentleman.

And what does this kid do?
He ignored their loves and kept playing

And so, the lesson for today is very obvious. Its plain and simple.

"If you are playing on a game console like Playstation or XBox, you can ignore anyone until its time to pay for the game."

Daddy, can I have the broom?

That was what Kaelynn asked me. To be exact, she asked, "Dad, can I use the broom to clean the lounge?"

(I caught my jaw before it hit the floor)

Amazing question from a five year old. My Wife confirmed with me when I told her about the incident because Kaelynn sometimes does that when the lounge got too dirty.

Next, I am going to teach her how to vacuum and also mop floors....

Ants in the bottle

There are some ants in the bottle.

I am not sure why there are ants in the bottle.

So I asked the girls, why are there ants in the bottle.

And they could not answer me why there are ants in the bottle.

Someone has cut this cute bottle and then placed it over some purple gum which resulted in some ants in the bottle

Going to the market alone...

There is no more meat in the house today and so, I am tasked to buy two pieces of white meat. Which is fine until I realised how much they cost. This is like buying chicken rice for three to four people! All the time, I took it for granted that the prices are still cheap just like in the last ten years but the cost of these two piece of white meat is more or less the price of a whole chicken.

And all I wanted was a pair of chick boobs. A pair of cheap chick boobs.

Chicken boob, chicken, chicken boob, chicken, chicken boob, boobs.


Took a Panoramic shot before any old aunties chased me

Goodies on tray. Bought the 'heong peng' from a Hakka Beng, for my Dad.

The Bamboo whistle

While I was picking up Kristine from the school today, I noticed and old guy on his motorbike speaking to one of the bus drivers. OK, so, he's a new face but then again, this is nothing new. But just to be sure, I would watch his actions for any suspicious behavior.

Which I completely forgot about him when the bell rang.

This is something I have to discipline myself because, in this environment, you more or less know which 'regular' parent is picking up their kids; anything out of the ordinary is worth taking notice. Anyway, back to the old guy. He was holding a bamboo whistle and playing a 'tune' which sounded more like random notes. But this is a special whistle because the notes coming out sounded as if it came from the birds on the trees. Maybe, he is looking for his lost pet and trying to coax it back to him...

It was not so. He was selling the bamboo whistles at RM4.00 each.
When I was leading Kristine to the car, I heard the notes again and I asked if she would like a whistle, which she quickly said yes. So, I bought two from him and told him to keep the change. He is actually a disabled person but instead of letting himself believe his fate, he fought and became independent. I told Kristine that even if you're down, you're not out yet and he is the perfect example. Just get up and fight on...

But in actual fact, I believe I am telling myself to get up and fight on.