The Welding circuit

30082012 1821

rayloke asked if I could whip up a electronic solution that can simulate the flash of arc weldings using LEDs. And so, I told him I could. Easily.

But if he were to ask me years ago, I could not even say yes. With the limited time I had during jobs, it was not possible to learn more about chip programming. Thankfully, there are sample programs on the Net which I can download and analyse.

And so, within 24 hours, it was done and he was so impressed with it (and two out of the five LEDs are really realistic) that I was suprised since he has an eye for details and also, is very particular. Initially, I asked if he would just like the board only and connect his own LEDs but in the end, I soldered some resistors to the LEDs and gave it to him because its enhances the whole 'first impressions' concept.

I used the remaining of the four General Purpose prototype boards for this.
[Update: ]
A week later, he sold it to another customer who wanted it urgently. Which brings me to a possible third product as a General Purpose Board which can be for Arc Welding, Motor speed control or even, Engine flickers. But I would have to further enhance the design since I want to make it as compact as possible and also, be programmable on the fly.

Tamiya Thin Cement

30082012 1803

Learnt something new tonight. And it was all because of the Academy's 1/48 F-117 Stealth Fighter kit which I am entering for the SFTPMS Group Build. The problem was in gluing the wings. Apparently, my 10-year old Mr. Cement which I found from my AMT Price Xizoer's ship is considered thick cement. In those days, these were your 'normal' standard off the shelf stuff, apart from that Tenax-7R (The Space-age welder) which was like a miracle glue. Knowing my Mr. Cement, which surprisingly has still not gone bad or dried up, would dry itself halfway when I finished applying one side of the wings. And so, by the time I have applied the glue on the remaining wing, all I have are just two slightly glue-marred plastic parts. What I need is a glue which can really glue those two damn long, stupid, irritating, and black wings together.

Ideally, the Tenax-7R is the answer as it acts like thin superglue, which seeps into the plastic's cracks and unreachable places via capillary action. And unlike superglue, it literally welds the plastic together. If you're not careful, any plastic that unintentionally comes into contact with it also melts of have some horrible consequences.

Oh, and it causes cancer. Don't believe me? The label said so; "This product contains a chemical known the state of California to cause cancer, birth defect, or other reproductive harm.". And so, years later, they became harder and harder to get and some even say it was discontinued.

Then came along Tamiya' Thin Cement, as shown to me by rayloke from ICW. Since I have not used Tenax before, I would have to guess that the Tamiya is almost the same. Because when I applied it to the joints, the glue disappeared and moments later, the joints felt as if it was a single part...

I was so happy because it solved my problem with the Stealth Fighter's wings.

All I have to do is clamp the the wings and then apply the thin cement part by part.

Oh-oh... why is it that good things are always bad?

Bogus Flag

30082012 1552

Kaelynn got a flag today from school and she wondered why hers has no National Anthem. 

Say what?

Yeah, she mentioned that her flag has no song.

OK. A flag with song. So, this is how far our country has come. And I happy? Well, I can't say until I have a look at the flag...
OK< so the flag looks ordinary because it can... wave.

Hang on. What's this green thingy here...

Ah, this is the singing part. Unfortunately, the batteries have corroded everything inside. So, there is no pint in repairing this since that type of  batteries are not readily available.

Accident on the Even of Merdeka

30082012 1530

How do you know that there is an accident? Very simple. There are usually three signs:
1. An engine being revved slightly above normal.
2. The unmistakable screeching of tyres
3. The sound of crumpling metal or metal against metal.

When you heard the last one, you know its very near, especially when you're in an air-cond room.

This was the scene which greeted me. Theory is that the car reversed and the bike banged it because I overheard the motorcyclist telling the Guard that he has the right of way, etc. I cannot blame him because during school session, every parent has only one thought on their mind and hence their selfish ignorance on other vehicles. I am guilty of that too. At least a few times a week...

Kid looking at Momma's dented car which cannot close because the alarm would go nuts

The motorcylist. And a Lady next to him, saying that its unfortunate that such thing happened and on the Eve of Merdeka too.

Momma realising the car can't be locked tonight.

The fall

30082012 1530

At about quarter to one, Wife rang up and told me that Kristine had a fall at school and the teachers have asked us to pick her up. Before my Wife could even finish the conversation, I was already heading towards the door. That is, right after I put on my pants, drank a cup of water, comb my hair, changed my shirt, etc.

It was panic time for me because well, I mean, if a teacher asks you to collect your kid after a fall, it must be serious, right?

What was so frustrating for me was that I needed to fill in a lot of forms and even had to go to the office for one of them. All this just to get her out from school, before the session was over. It did not help that I was the only person who is in a hurry to get her home while everyone seems to be moving in slow motion. And by the time I reached her class...

Nothing wrong with her. She just fell and her knees bent and hit the floor.

Once we reached home, the pain subsided and I got her to change her clothes. After she ate some lunch, I switched on the air-cond so she could sleep.