07022016 The Chnese New Year Eve Dinner

Once again, on the Eve of the New year, the Chinese from all corners of the Earth will return and gather around the Family Dinner table. The Ladies would be busy cooking for the meal while the Men will engage in some Social banter or perform other duties as required of them, while the children, being children, will be children. Wars will stop, Overtime is cancelled, shopping will reach their peak, and Chefs will go on strike.

Well, not really.

In today's modern times, and ever since my Mom was no longer with us, we just settled for a Restaurant. There are some good and bad points about this but its more towards convenience where you do not have to clean up after the meal nor slave over the stove the whole day.

The Lou Sang is a must for everyone but this time, I felt as if its not special anymore.
Maybe its because my mind was more towards getting things done during my 5 days here.

Admittedly, I am hooked to the ASUS Zenfone2's Depth of Field Camera feature

From Indonesia, there is Ayam Penyet where the chicken is flattened.
Here, we just cal it the Roast Suckling Pig and that's that. I love those spring onions...

Kristine's favourite, which is the Glutinous rice.
And so, after the dinner, like every year, we went home feeling full or fleeced, depending on the situation, and prepared ourselves for the impending Fireworks or World War III courtesy of our neighbours. Or so we thought.

The whole neighbourhood was silent except for a few muted bangs. And so, CNY for this year is very weird.

Moving the Lawn

My Wife said it has to go and that was the ultimatum.

And  I hate to use the lawnmower at such hour too since its going to cut it a little too close to the Reunion Dinner. Yeah, we were all cleaning the house today and this was one task which I was not looking forward to: Mowing the Lawn.

Before: Oh, look at this Manly face.
I'll bet when I walk into a room without smiling, everyone would think I was pissed  or something.

The poor shaver was not up to the job and I had to shove some juice up its butt

Yeah, that's me alright. The handsomest face in the World...

07022016 Marketing on the Eve

Today is the Eve of the Chinese New Year and we need to get to the Market as early as possible to get a nice chicken for prayers. By the time we arrived at 0800, most of the chickens were snapped up despite the light crowd.

I was also hoping for the hardware shop to open so I can get a toilet roll holder for the Condo but there's still another two hours to wait...

There are a lot of Gardenia Butterscotch on the shelves but I won't be getting them until the day before I am scheduled to fly to Kuching again. I felt like a smuggler; bringing Grenadines to KL and taking 10 loafs of Butterscotch on the way back. And at RM4.55 per loaf, its not cheap too.

This is the first time I've seen firecrackers being sold openly since the 90's

The Meat Valley... where chickens are being sold in the front and pork after that.

Usually I see old Aunties selling these noodles and meehoons but she looks new