The wrong custard apple

Something is definitely wrong with me because whenever I buy non-electronic or gadget things now, without my Wife, I am usually lost. Lost as in buying the wrong things. Take today's case of buying a custard apple.

The sugar apple is nothing like any ordinary apple
you see. It has a very lumpy skin and inside, it has
a lot of big black seeds embedded in the sweet
custard like flesh. My Mom used to plant this and
I loved eating it. Despite its lumpy armored looking
skin, it is actually very soft and fragile. And so, when
I opened it, this one looked very different.

"That's because its a soursop", said Wife.
Too late now, since its cut open. So we have to eat it.

And everyone is so happy eating it. Yeah.

Kristine loves hers

And so did Kaelynn. Now I know why its called
soursop because of the sour faces. Ha ha ha ha!

Stuff from Miniature Hobby

I know that its very late in the year and I should not be going for this project. And not only that, I actually do not have a set of paints or even an airbrush, let alone a simple paint brush. And this project in question is actually Starship Modeller's Starfighter's contest.

In my mind, there were already two ship designs which I wanted was more or less confirmed. One would be THE design for the contest while the other is to be the backup design, just in case. And so, I decided to go to Miniature Hobby to get some models that day since Hobby HQ do not open on Sundays. Although the models costs quite a bit, but with the current 40% discount, it was quite reasonable.

Trumpeteer's Modern US Army CH-47D Crew & Infantry.
I was advised to be wary of this brand because it has a lot of hits and misses. On one model, you would have a very accurate and quality molding while another would be so awful that words cannot describe the whole mess that came in the box. This was because, (I cannot verify this) there were various teams working on different models simultaneously. However, this does not mean the price would reflect the quality of the model.

Anyway, what attracted me to this were the five figures, which was more or less the ones I had in mind for my project. The figures comprised of two pilots in sitting posture while the third crew would be

The box art looks quite promising and with the white
background, your eyes quickly focus to the five figures

It is very suprising to get so much sprues from just
that small box. So, it is value for money.

Why did I say that? This is because the figures are
nicely moulded and it has a lot of parts, including
separate shoes.

Because I was only interested in just the figures alone,
this translated to a lot of excess parts or items, which
will be great of I need to kit bash something.

So, if I need helmets, pouches, guns, etc. its all there,
unused on the sprue.

Remember the two soldies in the box art? Well these are
their bodies but the material is very hard vinyl/rubber.
What I liked about this kit is that for the Helicopter crews,
Trumpeteer has included a small helicopter diorama too.

Trumpeteer's 1/32 Mikoyan Gurevich Mig-3
I spotted this kit when I was looking for a decent 1/32 WWII fighter and I was amazed a the price they displayed. Sure, they are bigger and has more details but I am only looking for the basic shape of the fighter. And so, after looking all over the shelves, I found this kit for a very very good price. And although it was not some 'famous' fighter like the P-51D or a P-38, nevertheless, it fit my requirements.

The second kit I got was the 1/32 Mikoyan Gurevich Mig-3
And for a 1/32 kit, this is huge. Initially, I wanted a
P-51D Mustang
of the same scale but because of the price
difference, I chose this
instead, which is about 1/4 of the
P-51D, I think

Again, the parts are overwehlmingly generous for a
stingy person like me.

And what's more, they even have photo-etched parts for
when you want to move the aelerons.

This is some of the cockpit detail which I interests
me a lot. I mean, for a custom fighter, and being a
lazy person like me, the basic flooring being there
is a bonus.

Unfortunately, after calculating the time available and
the necessary cash to get tools such as an air-brush, I
had to shelf the project for future because to be honest,
I do not have any modeling tools anymore save for a
plastic sprue-cutter when I was R&D on the Moebius
Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk II kit.

Sticking out your tongue

I forgot why but at that moment in time,
the photo was very meaningful.