Its business as usual

So now, every evening, after dinner, we would go to UH to visit my Mom. She has been changed from room to room. I am a bit blur on this but the last change, she was closer to the Nurses Station which means, its very serious.

Already some of the family members have made preparations to accompany her throughout the night. And everything that is needed, must be given fast. No excuses. Just fast, even if you have to die or something.

I want to do something but I do not know what. Or how. 'Everything' has been taken away from me, as if I am the pariah.

While I parked outside the Hospital, I have to make sure Kristine still does her daily homework

Kaelynn being bored, slept. I don't blame her as its very tiring and boring because all the waiting.

Finally, she finished her Homework but there is still no sign of Mommy or Grandpa.

And so, she did what a small child does when the hour is late.