Dirty Cups at ProJET

ProJET is getting from bad to worse. Things have not improved even when 7-11 came in. Ever since they have replaced the old Convenience Store (Persona), things have gone downhill. I was on my way to Taiping when I stopped by Kepong's ProJET.

Since its going to be a long drive, I decided to stock up on some drinks. I bought the new Pepsi Gold and also some Iced Cappucino. Once I came out of the store, only did I realise that the cup for the Iced Cappucino is dirty. There is a layer of dust on them, on both sides of the cup. This means the cup were in storage but was never cleaned not stored well.

And the toilets there (no pictures) were filthy. Water was splashed on the basin tops and there were news papers there as well, plus some Domino Pizza serviettes. The staff there, as usual, does not bother much about thse minor details. A typical working mentality for them. If the Boss does not make noise, why should they care? So much for Malaysia Boleh.

The Pepsi Gold which tasteda lot like Pepsi Blue

See the dust there?

Its raining and lighting was not that good