To defiant967

After seeing b26354's WIP prop, I have a rough guess on how the lighting would be. This is his picture:

So, the requirements are:
1. One Red LED near the barrel
2. Three 7-Segment LED Displays near the muzzle
3. Possibly a Blue LED at the handle (one pair)

So, here is a circuit diagram, assuming you're going to use a 9V battery. The 7-segment LEDs will not move and you just have to wire them as you see fit. If you have any problems, you can contact me.

The Linksys WRT54G Router

OK, so someone cannot wait until August for me to replace the router. We had to go all the way to Mid-Valley since do not open on Sundays. This time, I want to have a router that has wireless capability, i.e. WiFi. And I am not looking for any that acts as a print server as our printer also has a scanner. And this router has two WiFI standards, 802.11b and 802.11g, whatever that is.

Anyway, we got this for RM225 after some haggling that was so interesting, one of the customer sitting on a stool fell to the floor. She was crying as well. Sheesh

After dinner and making sure Kristine is not dumping anymore, I began to set up the router. And mind you, it was not easy since the Wizard would not let me continue until I connect to the Internet first. And I could not because there was an error with the modem. So, I used some IP scanner software to scan the router's IP and use Firefox to access it manually. Thank goodness this method works. But by the time I got it set up, it was past mid-night. And I was so wired up, I cannot sleep now and have to watch the stupid football. Something about it being the finals.

So, once I open the box, I can see the router, the envelope
with the CD inside it, the power adaptor and some blue
network cable.

Compared to my old SMR router (free), the Linksys is
much bigger. And it has blue colour too. Ha ha ha ha
I just wondered why I did not get a 3COM or Belden

When I was about to plug the Network cables, I saw
this label. Things started to go downhill from there
since I am not an IT expert

Kristine and the Durian

On Saturday, when I showed Kristine some durians, she was a bit scared of them. So scared that she did not even want to taste them. But on Sunday, I gave her one since she was pointing to the container. I am not sure if she likes it though......

Yipee! I got ....... something to eat.

Smells stinky and tastes funny

Yucks! Here, Daddy, you can have it back

No? OK, I throw it onto the kitchen sink.
(Now, I have to clean it and eat it back)