The Patch

This came in while I was out. This was for the F-117 Group Build which I will be given a set of decals in exchange for the one which I cannot use from Kenny. OK, lets try this again.

Me have one huge decal (The Last Flight American Flag) which me cannot use for Cold War Group Build. Kenny have decal set which has Cold War design which me can use. We going to exchange decals.

So, using the amazing powers of my failing eyesight, I have managed to track a cloth patch which is used in that Wing. This is the 37th Fighter Wing (formerly 37th Tactical Fighter Wing) and the squadron is 416th (I am not sure what this all means and in this case, I am usually wrong). This is where the F-117A planes were first used and their target was to drop two  2,000-pound Mark 84 LGBs (Laser Guided Bombs) (aka The Hammer) bomb NEAR the Battalion 2000 barracks located in the Rio Hato Airfield. Yep, a stunning wake-up call.

When I first held this envelope, my memories quickly stirred and straightaway, I know that this does not contain any model kit or electronics parts... Yes, believe in the power of observation of the common Joe.

They do not have the '37th Tactical Fighter Wing' but the '37th Fighter Wing'. Close enough but well, I am still not happy. Then again, time is not on my side.

Revell 1/72 NATO Pilots

Hokaaaay, I have a few minutes of free time yesterday and so, I took some quick pictures of the package which I got from the BIG Post Office some time ago. This is a 1/72 scale NATO Pilot figure set from Revell. When I 'introduced' the WWII Pilot set and Ground Crew to Bruce at Hobby HQ a month ago, I was quite impressed with the quality and detail. So much so, I got one on the next shipment.

But there was something missing from that set which are proper pilots. And so, as luck would have it, I saw this on eBay and quickly placed an order as soon as I located one that was being sold at a ridiculous price even when compared to over here.

At first, when I saw these figures, I thought they were made from those soft plastics which I seriously hate. But these are actual plastic which you can cut, glue and paint. And so, with the NATO set, I was quite chuffed.

As usual, these wonderful little things come in well... one sprue.
I must lower my expectations because in these times, packages do not come in gold plated boxes, generous multiple sprues and personally handed to you by Ms.World wearing an F-14 Pilot G-Suit.

Some of the poses are very very nice. The folding arms guy would need some work to make him more 'civilian', though. Shame I could not use the Pilot figure so I will have to resort to using the WWII and cut off his head...

Still, this will be very useful when and if, I build a 1/72 Modern aircraft.

Laziness muddles yur Blain

When I saw this, my thoughts were:

"I'll just use the fill some water into the dish and use the bowl again. No need to wash both until she comes back and finishes her meal..."

Which was lazy thinking because normally, I would wash all the bowls, plates and utensils after the girls have eaten and then, would I re-use them. If needed. But not dirty ones. Its like someone wrapping your take-away with newspapers, the same ones they used as toilet paper.

So, that lazy thought that crept into my mind was an indication that I am getting sloppy. Because if I were working and all that, this would never have happened. Too bad there is no such mirror in reality which tells you when you're slipping or on a roll...

Sometimes, I find that washing is quite pleasurable.
Slippery by pleasurable. Why?
I am not sure.

What is so smart?

Once, it was the age to own a SMART car. It was all the rage. I shows you're Environmentally Friendly and all that kook. Why? Because it uses recyclable plastics, the whole car can be recycled, uses less fuel and only sits two. So, you can have your Mercedes-Benz and still feel good about it.

What a load of crock.

Remote Control driven SMART at 70KMh crash test

SMART vs Mercedes-Benz

I tell you what the SMART car really is for.

Showing off and telling people you're very very 'smart'

Its gone but who cares?

After coming out of Central Market (Pasar Seni), I used the Jalan Sultan route to get to the Federal Highway and I was shocked with what I saw. Some of the buildings have already been demolished. They were literally in the path of the new controversial LRT Project.

This is one part of the street where KL literally grew and to many Generations, their memories are there. Now, some would lament the unavoidable future while some would be glad to move away. However, to the rest of us, we do not care so much since we did not grow up in this place nor owe them anything. And so, alas, like those 'its not happening to us' syndrome, no one cares. Once in a while, when we see the street or read the article, we would just say stupid things like, "I used to go there for so and so things.", "So sad that stall is no more, those [you stuff] are delicious." or even, "Feh. Who cares?". The a few seconds or a minute reminiscence and that's it.

If you were to ask around, people might respond with, "So what? What did they (owners) do for us?" or even, "What? They think we owe them, meh?".

This Sky is suddenly so bright even in this gloomy sky

Its a bit disorienting since that familiar landmark is gone.
Then again, who cares?
So, its gone. Like me, who cares?

Would I get any benefits if its still around? No!

Would I get money from it? No!
Will it help me? No!

Trip to Central Market

Sometimes, there are reasons unknown which causes little accidents/incidents and when you try to recover them, you are rewarded with something beautiful. Take today's case for instance. There was a package delivered to me a few days ago but because there was no one in the house, the mailman left a note stating that they will hold my package for a week before proceeding to the next stage.

And so, I need to go to the BIG Pos Office (because they stamped 'Pejabat Pos BESAR') which is located next to Dayabumi. Normally, I can pick them up from Brickfields which is nearer but eventually, everything went back to that RM3.50/hour place. And I have to time it so that I can still come back and take Kaelyn to school, buy lunch, take them back, etc.

The Parcel Collection area has been going through a big renovation since months ago and its now waiting for CF. Once it is operational, it would make the experience more pleasant. But somehow, walking through the back-door, where you can see all the mail & parcels being sorted, it felt like home. (No, not my home but more like my room before I got married. You can imagine various stacks of Books and CDs and stuff, all arranged in weird categories), Perhaps, I should order some big packages stuff and not answer the door when the mailman comes...

And so, all the way for this package just because no one was at home.
OK, I was taking my Dad to leave his car at the Workshop.

The Sky is cloudy and everything seemed grey.
Exactly like a normal day in UK.
The colourful mural was opened to youngsters to showcase their creativity, and sponsored by Dulux.

I parked at Central Market, which costs 50 sen less.
Here, you can see a lot of people 'waking up'

I am not sure if they slept here since there were some doing this...

Whoa... someone eating Nasi Lemak with sambal!

Some 'things' for the Malaysian Lantern tourism Festival over the weekend. This is from Taiwan.

I think they're using felt or someting as the surface was not affected by the drizzle

Queen Monarch
by Cheong Yong Shiang, Ser Kai & Chen Kok Kheong

The remaining exhibits all locked up. Some were quite nice, though.

Panoramic shots
OK, you need to click on to the pictures for the large panoramic shots to take in all the well, stuff.
The Murals

Left side of the Central Market

Right side of the Central Market.
You can see Han frozen in carbonite...
When you go up close and personal, its a bit scary...


First time I've seen this problem with a Left-Hand drive vehicle. It pays to have a passenger after all...

The poor guy had to come out of his car to get the ticket in the rain. Also, this nearly prompted the Security Guard to come over to see if they could help. Very very embarrassing.