System Relocation

Today's job is quite similar to yesterday's except that we were required to move the PBX System from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor, where it was originally. But because of its history, the person who maitained their system did it in an unprofessional way (Read: At their convenience). In other words, when they needed a new extension line, they just pulled the cable and connected it there and then. So, when it came to our turn, we had to sort out a lot of messy cables that went up and down both floors.

So, the job has a few parts:
When removing the system, be sure to inform the customer that their system is out for a few hours. Also, make sure the new place for it has sufficient space, ventilation and also powerpoints (Not the Microsoft Office, la). Before removing the system, if you can, mark all the relevant cables.

Trace all the necessary cables that will be used. In this case, the cable going down from 2nd floor to the 1st floor was used for a few existing extensions, which must be marked and also moved back down to the 1st floor. Check all the cabling are correctly terminated. If the cable contractor is there, talk to them to ask how they did their cables, etc. At this point, you do NOT want to open and check at every extension point.

Enquire how many telephone extensions the customer realy needs and if possible, get them to give you a lost of all the extension numbers. A floor plan of their office would be ideal.

Test all the telephone extensions are in working order and also, to be able to make outgoing calls. Make sure all the incoming lines are properly terminated.

This is the system which we have relocated

Yes, more cabling to sort out.
Previously, there was a lot of wires in there, just like spaghetti

This General Worker will help me for a week

There was a heavy jam at the Subang Toll......

Because everyone wanted to try ot the newly tarred road ha ha ha ha ha

Oh no! Stupid people at Kepong's ProjJET has removed the Slush machine

Tomorrow I will be going back to Jalan Ampang to complete as much cabling as I can and this time, we get to use Walkie Talkies. Yeah!