On the Eve of Hari raya

You know, the moment I woke up in the morning, it was already raining heavily. And when it comes to raining, its the perfect time to go to sleep. Never mind if you have just woken up a few minutes ago. The rain erases all the previous "Zzzzzz"s. But because its a Saturday, I still have to work. Up I get or scolding Boss will be from. There is nothing much to do at the office today as all my Techs have gone back home for the Holidays and besides, we only had one customer. Going all the way to Puchong would not be a problem. Until that is, I found out that a Music announcer that came yesterday needed a 12volt AC and not the usual DC adaptor. And so, this means going right into the heart of KL.....
Going to office was a bit different this morning as
the usual frighteningly long jam on the opposite
side of the road is gone.

Even on the route at Jalan Kuching. Usually,
there is a huge jam on the flyover.

And so, I had to go to Pasar Road, do a quick purchase and scoot off. I was on the way to KL by 1030 and the road was still clear. But by the time I came out and on the way to Puchong via Sungai Besi, the jam has already started.
Ok, this is the route to Sungai Besi just right after the
Kampung Pandan roundabout. Looking good here.

But wait. As we sloped off and nearing
towards the F&N roundabout..

Yeaks. The jam had started!

And so, by that time, the roads are starting to clog up. This is the time where a lot of people are doing hard-core last minute shopping and also on their mass exodus out of the City. And when you mix with the normal lunchtime and those who-are-not-working-on-Saturday crowd, its going to be bad.

Not much of a problem here but because we're
"late", the CCTV guy has taken or rather, "booked"
all the power points.

And after being "cutesy nice" to the customer, I
got this from her. Such a wonderful design too.

Anyway, with the power problem solved, it was
time to redo most of the wiring. This was because
the Main-con who took this job did not "talk" to us
and hence, he screwed up badly on the phone
wiring. And so, today was one of the reasons we
had to return to this customer.

I had to install the announcer as soon as possible
and all it took was to just drill two holes. It was
the longest holes I had to drill. And next door
was the massage place where they needed all the
peace and quite. Oh, Screw that. I just pulled the
trigger and waited for the consequences. None.

Anyway, by the time I arrived at the customer's place, the IOI Mall was starting to come to life. And so, working there until about four in the afternoon (due to a lot of, "Oh, can you please more this and that here and there, which involved a lot of rewiring) because I was not allowed to drill into the wall or make any loud noises as their customer was having their sessions. By the time I was finished, I was tired, grumpy (why didn't they tell me they want to do all these n the first place" and no mood to even go to Daiso. I mean, I could have finished by one in the afternoon and get some lunch. But things were not always that smooth and in the end, I had to make at least four trips between the basement carpark and the shop. Oh well, at least when I got home, it was peace and quiet because Wifey and the kids were away. Whoo hoo.