How to mix your drinks

I don't know or can't remember when was the first time I mixed my drinks but I know that it was sometime during the mid-90's where my friend, SK Chiew introduced me to Neslo (Nescafe Coffee with Milo). Then at the same time, I was introduced to 'Michael Jackson' or 'Hak-Bak' (Black & White) by TC Wong in Sungei Wang. And so, sometimes as a treat, we will mix some drinks.

Today, Kaelynn is going to show you how to mix some of the drinks and get a sugar-buzz later on.

And so, on her left is the Tropicana Orange while on the right is the 7-Up.

First of all, you need a cup to mix all these drinks. Start with the Tropicana Orange and pour about half.

The, fill the rest of the cup with 7-Up, which is, about hald as well. What a coincidence.

Mix well and at this time, you need to know if the drink is either too sweet or too gassy. If its either, you need to balance the drink until its too sweet to be gassy.

Get your sister to try it and if she makes a funny face, the drink is ready...

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