Looking pretty.....

After their baths, Kristine started to wear her hair clips and other ornaments on her head.....

And here she is, looking
very cute

cute or not?

Kristine helping to brush Kaelynn's hair

And the secret ingredient is.....

During the day, while were were all asleep, Mommy made some jellies. I use dto make them too when I was young but those involved powder. Here, my Wife actually bought those jelly strips or something and they turned out wonderful. When it was time to cut them, everyone helped out.....

Kristine taking the jelly out of the mould

After observing her sister, Kaelynn also tried to
take the jellies out of the mould.

But she does one step extra, which is to taste them
before putting them into a container.

Aha! Caught red-handed!

Kaelynn trying to distract us by looking cute. How many
jellies has she been tasting? I have absolutely no idea as
they're all mixed and so, for I ate as much as I could in
case other people "accidentally" ate them and found out

Jalan Pauh

There are some places which I usually pass by but never stop to take a look. Because, sometimes, it helps as once you do take a look, you will know some short cuts which is very important in Kuala Lumpur. Or you might fine some new shops or places you have never even notice before.

Take today, for example. I usually use this route when I needed to take a short cut from Loke Yew towards Jalan Istana to Damansara. All the time, I have passed by this place but I never did stop even though I was curious about the food being sold there. I mean, these are the old places which looked as if it was still stuck in the 80's.

And so, on the way to the customer's new office, I decided to take a 30 minute break for lunch. Bear in mind that this place is heavy with traffic and jsut for today, by stroke of luck, I got a parking spot.......

As I was sitting at the corner, waiting for my lunch to
arrive, I took some shots of the street. Just across is
the yellow shop which I bought some snacks for the
girls. I mean, a big packet for RM3.60 wor.

I don't see much of these stalls liek these but then
again, I seldom go exploring anymore. These stalls
are all inter-related. I can get the chee cheong fun
here, and when I wanted iced coffee, the lady then
goes to the other stall to order it for me.

Thick Kopi Peng (RM1.40) and the
cutry chee cheong fun (RM6.20 wtf!),
comprises of 3 chee cheong fun, 2 foo
chok, 2 stuffed brinjals and 1 sausage.

This was the snack I bought. The shopkeeper did warn
me that it was hot. I said its not a problem, thinking it
was just mild chili in there. Big mistake

Kaelynn took one bite and does not want it, Kristine
the whole pack and snatched my ice cold water.
My wife took some
and had sore throat. In the end,
the whole pack was banned from the house.

New Gadget

OK, I've just recovered but no time to tell you now as I am very busy and also worried with work. Anyway, I have added a new gadget on the right hand side of the bar, just after the post counter stuff. Its to show the latest 20 postings. (Maybe I should have entered 1000.....)

Hmmm...... its not showing the past drafts converted to posts though. And there is no "Drafts converted to actual posts you can read" gadget. So, sorry, you still have to go to older posts to see if you have missed out anything.

Hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk.