Close, but no cigar

Someone posted a picture of Lionel Ritchie

with the words, "Hello, is it me you're looking for?"

And then, it has strips of paper for you to tear

away. Each strip represents a line of the the

lyrics of that song. However, this one is so

original, they put their website url instead.

The iPot

Well, I am not sure what to call it but the little metal container which my Mom got it a few days ago, reminded me of an apple. Its one of those double walled metal containers which, in theory, is able to store hot food inside it. But knowing things that comes from China, the storage time would not be for long. However, if you do own one, be careful not to hold it by the handle at the top because there is no 'catch'. All it takes is just one little twist and the spot where you stand will look as if you had a very bad case of extreme bowel movement.

Here is Kristine bringing with my lunch.

And yep, its lou shuie fan. A very nice dish and
almost impossible to eat with forks, or fingers,
or toes. You just have to grab it with your hand
and stuff them into your mouth as fast as possible.
What is nice is the pork meatballs and a little slice
of flavoured sausage, which, to me, is like salami.

Did I really say that?

OK, the n8, to me, is fast. And with its factory plastic LCD cover still on, I am not sure it this is the problem since the screen is now capacitance-type and not resistive like the 5800 where you can poke it even with a pen or your pinkie fingernail. However, even if I got rid of that problem, that is, once the Otterbox casing arrives, there is still the problem of its button positions.

Granted that its a new phone but well, the n8 is great enough for me to start using it within hours since, to me, it felt like a natural progression to the 5800. But the button layouts changed too much. If I was not a Nokia user, my brain could accept it (then again, maybe not) but now, texting or entering data is not as enjoyable as before.

Because if I cannot get through this problem, the only enjoyable part about the n8 is its ability to fly out of a window. OK, maybe that was not so enjoyable since I would still have to pay for it.

Again, this is the 5800's alphanumeric
keypad, which is almost the same for
when you want to text. Now, look at
the topmost part of the screen. Yep,
the green tick or Enter key, edit and
T9 modes are all there.

But this is very different when you compare
the n8's it with the dial pad and the texting
version. What I really hate was last few
button at the bottom of the screen, more so
the backspace which is too close to the '#'
key. That '#' button has a function to change
from caps to small, the T9 function, and also,
to change to numeric mode. You won't realise
how troublesome it is until you naturally use
your thumbs or in a hurry. And when you're in
a hurry, you will start to swear and curse because
every press brings up crap actions which you
do not really want in the first place.

Keyboard layout for the 5800 is a bit meh but its
bearable, except for the tiny text screen. But I can
tell you that the long space bar is a nice touch,

And looking at the n8, well, all I can say is that it
is worse than Swype and because of the screen
technology, you cannot even pinkie type. Still,
what is suprisingly great that it is really nice to
type on. That is, if you do not make any mistakes.

Speed typing. The message should read:
"Hello. How are you this morning?
I am fine and there is nothing to
worry about." Yes, its all f###d up,
thanks to the buttons on lower

Oh, sorry. Wrong number...

Whee... finally found the correct screensnap app that works on a Nokia n8 so now, I can start to capture the phone's screen display or rather, screenshots. Just so that you know, I am using version 3.00 and not the old one.

In just days after I have started to really use the n8, I found that there is a minor problem where keypads are concerned. This was because I was so used to the 5800's keypad layout that my fingers are still having trouble 'forgetting'. This is very irritating when I wanted to manually dial a phone number and I could end up calling a wrong person instead.

This is the 5800's alphanumeric layout.
No nonsense and straight to the point.

And this is the n8's alphanumeric layout.
When I press the wrong number and hit
the backspace button, I ended up opening
the phonebook instead. Because its so fast,
I would have but then, dialled the wrong
person in the phonebook when I should be
cancelling the wrong digit. Oh, and because
it does not have a hardware CALL button,
the big green does that job now.